Who we are


Medics for Humanity

A group of enthusiastic people providing  assistance to people affected by conflict and exclusions from healthcare.




Thom MFH



Kafuta team

Victoria/MFH team

Health professionals, bound together by our charter

The main task at present is to make care available, to get it accessible and affordable to all patients in The Gambia. We also educate people about the impact these diseases can have on their health and how to deal with it, training of nurses and doctors and delivering medicines, insulin and other equipment like dialysis machines and the necessary accessories.

Medical Ethics

Principles of impartiality, independence and neutrality.


We are a non-profit, self-governed, member-based organization.

In the field

We need your help!

We pride ourselves on the fact that we, until today, financed everything in private. Our funding structure is now set up completely and we hope that we may rely on lots of donations around the world. In the end, our donors will fuel MFH’s work.