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We are always looking for qualified staff who are willing to put their skills at the service of those most in need.

  • Donor Relation Specialist

    Nonprofit and charitable organizations may not generate profits, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need funds to operate. These organizations rely on philanthropic donations to pay for staff, equipment and necessary services. Because of this, a donor relations specialist is key to cultivating and managing fundraising efforts so that a nonprofit organization can successfully fulfill its mission.

    Managing Donor Gifts

    Establishing a level of trust between an organization and its donors is one of the key responsibilities of a donor relations specialist. To foster a trusting environment, the donor relations person/team must ensure that donors understand the cause or organization they are contributing funds to. Providing an immediate understanding of the use of the donated funds gives donors confidence that a nonprofit will spend their donation according to their wishes. If a nonprofit doesn’t or can’t spend a donation according to a donor’s desires, a protocol must be in place to remedy the situation by way of a refund or some other means.

    Accurate Record Keeping

    Maintaining accurate data and records is a critical component of donor relations. For a charitable organization to maintain its nonprofit status, it must meet certain criteria, including the preservation of donation records. Donor relations specialists must accurately track and report complex financial data as mandated by the federal government. They may also have to maintain more data than federally mandated if their organization’s charter or board of directors deems it necessary. Donor relations teams will also need to maintain up-to-date donor lists, send pledge reminders to past donors and reconcile acknowledgement gifts sent to donors with the organization’s ledger.

    Acknowledging Donors

    One way to maintain the relationship between an organization and a regular donor is to properly acknowledge donors after they make charitable contributions. Nonprofits can do this in a variety of ways, including via written correspondence and email. Gifts of appreciation can also go a long way toward establishing a positive relationship between a donor and an organization. The donor relations team will make sure to deliver these gifts in a timely fashion.

    Desirable Skills and Attributes

    To be an effective member of a donor relations team, a person should have people skills and be technologically savvy. Donor relations specialists should be comfortable talking with strangers and have a friendly demeanor to inspire others to donate to their organization. They should also be able to write well and verbally communicate the mission of their organization to galvanize potential donors. Proficiency in computer programs such as Microsoft Office and customer relationship management software is also highly desirable.


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  • Surgeons

    Medics for Humanity (MFH) surgeons work predominately in health Care Centres in The Gambia providing care to communities without access to functioning health care systems. Surgical cases include general, trauma, obstetrics, working with all ages.

    Basic diagnostic equipment and facilities needed to run an operating room will be limited: there may not even be an X-ray machine. Responsibilities include general surgery, surgical-needs assessment, and training of local staff.


    • Commitment to work in the field for a minimum of 6 to 8 week assignments
    • M.D. and current valid license
    • Relevant field experience in a developing country or humanitarian context
    • Minimum of two years relevant professional experience post residency
    • At least 6 months of clinical practice within the last two years
    • General surgeons require significant experience performing cesarean sections within the past two years
    • Ability to work autonomously with limited materials and resources
    • Experience in at least one of the following areas:

                    –  General / Trauma surgery

                    –  Pediatric surgery


    • English or Mandinka
    • Willingness to help with operating room organization
    • (Beneficial) Experience with surgery in conflict settings


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  • Nurses

    Experienced NURSES and Inexperienced NURSES for Home Nursery

    Among the fields of activity in which you as a nurse can be asked to work are: primary health care, home nursery, vaccination campaigns, emergency feeding programs, home nursery, epidemics, specific projects (AIDS, tuberculosis, etc.) internal medicine and collection as well as analysis of epidemiological data.

    You ensure respect of hygiene, follow up of sterilization rules, and good management of the pharmacy.


    • Bachelor of science in nursing (Level A 1)
    • Diploma in tropical medicine or at least 1 year of relevant working experience in a tropical context is a plus, but not a must
    • Specialization in emergency room and intensive care, paediatrics, operation theatre, infection control or hospital management is a plus, but not a must
    • Relevant professional experience
    • Good English language skills


    • Open ended/permanent
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  • Dietician

    Directs and manages total nutritional care of patients in their assigned areas, e.g. ambulatory, hospital, skilled nursing facility, home health, maternal/child health, hospice, geriatric. Screens and assesses patient nutritional status; develops and implements nutrition care plan; reassesses and adjusts care plan. When care plan includes nutrition counseling and/or education, provides counseling and/or education for patients/residents, family members and care givers. Consults and educates physicians and other health care providers regarding medical nutrition therapy issues and policies/procedures. Complies with local, state and federal requirements.

    Essential Responsibilities:

    • Develops and provides advanced nutritional screening and assessment of patients/residents for appropriate nutrition intervention utilizing behavioral and biophysical health parameters.
    • Develops and directs nutritional care plans based on the patient’s/resident’s assessment. Care plans are developed in collaboration with other disciplines (interdisciplinary) and families as appropriate to achieve patient care goals and optimal outcomes.
    • Designs and provides education to patients, families and caregivers regarding nutrition and diets on an individual and/or group class basis. Develops meal plans to meet the patients lifestyle. Implements nutritional care plans to include follow-up and referrals to government, community and other facilities for continuity of nutritional care as required.
    • Consults and educates physicians and other health care staff and/or committees regarding clinical nutrition issues/concerns, policies and procedures. May work closely with health care staff to provide nutritional expertise for a specific patient population (e.g. diabetic).
    • Provides input into quality improvement plans, policies and procedure development relating to nutrition therapy. Follows local, state and federal guidelines regarding patient care. Maintains material resources, updates as necessary.

    Basic Qualifications:

    • Minimum one (1) year of experience as a dietitian in an outpatient setting.
    • Experience in teaching groups and preferable with African types of food


    • Bachelors degree in dietetic related field.
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  • General physicians


    We are looking for medical doctors, including

    • General Practitioners
    • Medical doctors with a specialization in
      • Internal Medicine
      • Infectious Diseases

    As a general physician your responsibilities vary according to the type of project:

    • medical clinical and organizational support for hospital activities,
    • medical follow-up of refugee and internally displaced populations,
    • involvement within specific projects,
    • collection and analysis of epidemiologic data.
    • In addition, the setup, coordination, training and supervision of health personnel represent a significant part of a general physician’s work.


    • Diploma in Medicine (tropical medicine is an advantage) or to have at least 1 year of working experience in a tropical context is mandatory
    • 2 years of clinical experience
    • Experience in areas such as pediatrics, maternal health, AIDS, tuberculosis, Hepatitis
    • Willingness to leave on mission without your partner and/or family and to work in an unstable environment
    • Good English language skills


    • Depending on the project
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Seven essential questions to ask yourself before applying!

  • Am I open to working with different cultures?
  • Can I handle stress?
  • What is my motivation?
  • What will I be faced with?
  • What about security?
  • What are the living conditions like?
  • What will be the impact on my family and private life?

In conclusion

The issues we have mentioned above are intended to give you an awareness of what working abroad entails. People who have worked with MFH over the years have found their experience in the field demanding but enriching. For many of them, leaving for a mission proved to be a turning point in their life.

Working for MFH is a commitment, rather than just an adventure or a job opportunity. 

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