Is a volunteers organization who does their level best to foresee The Gambia Health Care Centers with reliable rolling equipment. Medics for Humanity is partnering with this organization and requested an ambulance for the Kafuta Health Center. Medics for Humanity will also negotiate with the Gambian Government to arrange proper and easy access when material will arrive in the Gambia after transport.

There is an urgent and there are just a view hospitals and Health Centers in the interior of Africa. To get here, large distances have to be covered and there are still not enough SUITABLE means of transport, so people still die on their way to the Hospital. Pregnant women in particular but also urgencies like car accidents are the victims because they are ‘too late’ to get help.

Good transport for hospitals, clinics, doctors and other medical staff in West Africa is an absolute necessity.

We need your help!

We pride ourselves on the fact that we, until today, financed everything in private. Our funding structure is now set up completely and we hope that we may rely on lots of donations around the world. At the end, our donors will fuel MFH’s work.